My experience and qualifications

I graduated from the School for Psychotherapist and Group Trainers at the Institute of Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy in Krakow. It is a comprehensive, four-year vocational training, accredited by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) and the local Superintendent of Education in Poland. In 2015 I obtained a certificate in Polish Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy.

I conduct individual psychotherapy continuously in private practice since early 2012, and from time to time – psychological workshops on various topics (eg. on self-esteem or depression). In the years 2013-2014 I facilitated a therapeutic group for young adults, and I was a co-therapist during therapeutic trainings.

In my work I draw upon various fields of knowledge and experience: my own individual therapy and group trainings. What I also find valuable is my experience in working with teenagers (scouting, socio-therapeutic and mentoring work). I work under a regular individual and group supervision that for are a source of support and development (broadening therapeutic competencies and my professionalism).

In accordance with the code of professional ethics of Polish Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy, of which I am a member, I constantly grow my professional skills on a variety of courses, trainings and conferences. The most important include:

  • Conference „Psychodynamic Treatment of Narcissistic Personality Disorders” organized by Polish Society for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
    Passing the certification exam of the Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy (PTPG) (cerificate No. 149, stating qualifications for appying psychotherapy)
  • Passing the Internal exam at the Institute of Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy (certificate No. 19/2015/ SPiTG, stating psychological skills for providing assistance in the form of individual and group psychotherapy)
  • Conference „Problems of psychotherapy” with prof. Nancy McWillims in the Laboratorium Psychoedukacji
  • Speech on therapeutic culture on Interdisciplinary Conference entitled „Psychotherapy and culture. Diagnosis of civilization of success” organized by the Eneteia Publisher
  • Completion of the IX School for Psychotherapist and Group Trainers at the Institute of Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy (IIPG)
  • 11th EAGT Conference, THE HE-ART OF CONNECTING AND CO-CREATING Individuals and Communities,
  • Taking part in therapeutic and educational training in the bioenergetic method of Alexander Lowen led by Marzena Barszcz.
  • Supervisory seminar by prof. Nancy McWilliams, organized by the Laboratorium Psychoedukacji
  • Participation in a group training for therapeutic body work conducted by Zofia Pierzchała at the Institute of Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy
  • Third Conference of the Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy  (PTPG)
  • Clinical internship at the Specialist Psychiatric Health Care Centre in Lodz Aleksandrowska (the so-called. „Kochanówka”)
  • Voluntary work at the Foundation „Uwolnienie” in Lodz (observation, conducting classes for recovering alcoholics and co-addicts)
  • Series of trainings preparing for mentoring work, led by Margaret Tarkowska
  • Completion of annual Psychological Assistance Program at the Institute of Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy (including inter- and intrapersonal group training)