What to expect?

You can expect my curiosity and willingness to help, and what comes along – many questions and dialogue. I do not help by giving advice, but by mindful accompanying the client in his/her difficulties, which they defines as such.

I offer myself: my experience of contact, suggestion of various experiences (“exercises”, experiments), my knowledge and understanding of what you say, feedback and phenomenological description (which is what I see, without judging and labels), sometimes also physical contact. It is important for me, how do you see your problem outside the office, and how do you actualize it in a relationship with me. Therefore, I often refer to our contact during the session.

Rebuilidng yourself can be difficult and painful. It had been noted by Polish psychiatrist, Kazimierz Dąbrowski who came up with a concept of positive disintegration. Its premise is that in order to be better, it must be worse for a moment (I apologize for trivializing). It is natural to feel relief and hope after the first consultation, and also light insecurity, frustration and some unpleasant emotions in the initial phase of therapy. When you feel worse, let us talk about it – it is possible that you will experience your basic interpersonal difficulties in the therapeutic relationship. It is an elapsed opportunity to work this topics through in a living relationship, and not in theory. Therefore, do not expect miraculous healing, but a lot of work (on yourself), which can result in gratification, peace and satisfaction.

It might be important for you to know that I do not have “treatment regimen” that I apply to individual “cases” or “disease entities”. I also do not conduct any psychological tests etc. I also do not prescribe sick-leaves.