About me

I am a certified humanistic-existential psychotherapist, and a sociologist of culture.

There are a few things that are especially important for me during the therapy process:
  • a meeting (with oneself and other people), through which the exchange and dialogue bring a new quality to our experience,
  • mutual openness and inclusion in the here-and-now, allowing the client to build a relationship based on trust and respect,
  • search of their, subjective truth,
  • efforts to accept oneself as one is in order to gain the strength to change (the concept of a paradoxical change),
  • combine different elements together, (this applies to both holism, that is, observing emotions and body, thoughts and behavior, as well as to connect the facts to get a better understanding),
  • responsibility for oneself, freedom and choice and, what is associated with it, getting the flexibility to move freely between the extremes (eg. gentleness and aggression).