The consultation is primarily aimed at naming the problem, which you would like to take care of. Nevertheless it is not (only) about pinning labels such as: it is depression or marital crisis. What it is really about is how you experience your difficulty, what can be the possible solutions and their consequences. Sometimes, thanks to such an intellectual arrangement and the experience of being heard, the tension related to the problem is being reduced, which enables you to cope with it outside the office.

If this first consultation is an introduction to psychotherapy, we make an arragement for two or three more meetings, during which we look deeply into your problem and discuss its potential causes and reasons. Our focus is on whether you really want to change, and if so, what directions do you think are possible. We also decide if we are willing to work with each other – am I the right person to accompany you in the process of change, and what can I offer you. During the first few meetings I collect the so-called “interview”, (composed of questions about various facts about you, your childhood and your life) to find out what has been and still is shaping you. At the end of this stage we agree to a contract that contains rules applied to both sides of the relationship, and the therapeutic goals, in reaching which I will be helping you.

Cnsultations last 50 minutes and cost 120 zł each.